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In the early 60's the building was originally built as a combination shoe store and oil company office. Later that decade the building had been converted to a bar named Casey's Tap. Then in 1971, Bill Carney and Dan Kasik took the business over and changed the name to The Office. It was not until the 1973 Waukegan Police union strike that the Limerick got its name. Two irish cops who lost their jobs during the strike, Pat Quilty and Jack Malloy, fittingly name the bar The Limerick Lounge. A few short years later another irishman, Danny Haley, purchased the bar and then in August of 1977, Al Anderson (a passionate Packers fan) and Ken Vos bought the bar from Danny. Two years later, Al became the sole owner of the Limerick. In 2005, Al took Joseph Fisher (a passionate Bears fan) in as a partner.

Throughout the years, the Limerick has undergone some major renovations. In 1983, Al and Jim Mihovilovich put a hot dog stand and walk up window outside and inside the bar. They named this addition to the building The Alamo (Al and Mo). Their slogan was "Remember the Alamo." In 1998, renovations to the outside of the building took place and in 1999, the inside was completely gutted and remodeled in less than six short weeks. When the new and improved Limerick Lounge opened for business, patrons could not believe they were standing in the same bar!